Windows VPS Hosting

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows operating system is most popular licensed platform, hence the server running on the Windows OS cost more than that of Linux OS. The main advantage of Windows VPS server over the Linux VPS server is windows VPS provides good support for classic ASP and ASP.NET webpages and scripts also. If you have used anyone of those web scripting languages, then obviously you must choose the Windows VPS for your Virtual Private Server needs.

Windows VPS provides some advantages over the Linux VPS as follows:

1. Windows Web Scripting Technologies
Web scripting languages like ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET which are used by web designer are available and run on this platform. So, if your website is built with any of the Microsoft .NET technologies then, definitely you will have to choose Windows VPS Hosting plan.

2. Remote Desktop Access
Remote Desktop access is a simple form of cloud computing and it is a special feature with windows VPS plan. By this feature we can direct access all the files in word, excel, outlook and PowerPoint to a VPS server from any of our location. It allows to visually see what we are doing to the server configuration.

3. Better support of Database
If you need to use Microsoft access database and MYSQL, as it only runs on Microsoft Windows platform then surely your only choice is go for Windows VPS Hosting. In fact, it is unavailable on Linux platform.

4. SharePoint for web publishing
Microsoft SharePoint is a software which is used for web publishing and collaboration under a single server. We can develop the websites, portals, blogs, search engines, wikis, content management system and also many of the things using Microsoft SharePoint.

If you are looking for the cheap, reliable and fully managed Windows VPS Hosting service to host your website then look forward to the best Windows VPS Hosting Solution providers in India.