Shared Hosting

About Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is also called as shared Services or Virtual hosting, when multiple websites resides the same server connected to the internet. With shared hosting plan, you can share web server with other users. So, by this, the cost of the web hosting servers are also shared by all the users.

In shared hosting, usually your website will be remain alive on the internet with hundreds of other websites. And Each site will be on its own or individual partition, or the server, to keep every site separate from other site. As it has the name shared hosting, people who sharing the server are also responsible to share the cost of server maintenance.

If you are the owner of any website, small scale businesses or even medium sized businesses, then shared hosting is suitable for you if your hosting needs satisfies within the parameters of small businesses.

In shared hosting, the web hosting provider should always be responsible for the server management, means it never has to put too many sites on a single server. They should offer you the services such as installation of server software, security updates, technical support, and other features of the service. In this, most of the servers are based on the Linux operating system or LAMP technology which is reliable and secure open software system.