Dedicated Hosting

About Dedicated Server Hosting

A Dedicated Hosting Server is a type of server which is accessed by only a single customer and in which he is able to use the CPU and RAM resources. All the resources, in this type of hosting, are available only for that single customer, who is using that server.
As, in fact this server is not shared with anyone else as in shared hosting, so it is more flexible than shared hosting.

In dedicated hosting service, organizations have full control over their server, so if they have large websites also then, it also needs more bandwidth support and server CPU capacity. Asides from these resources Dedicated Hosting needs additional resources as total control over CPU, bandwidth and connectivity support, application management and cost, etc.

Since you have the control over the server then you can use operating system of your choice considering your budget. There will be no restrictions in using variation of operating system like Linux, UNIX and Windows OS. And also, whatever programs you want to install in your OS or in your website no one restrict you from doing this.

In Dedicated hosting, as the control over the server is only at yourself, then no need of sharing the resources like CPU and memory. So it gives more stability, reliability and versatility over your website.

Dedicated hosting server providers provide administrative management including server management, upgrades, security patches and also in management they provide services as adding users, domains, daemon configuration and custom programmings.

Dedicated hosting server providers provides different types of server managed support as Managed, Unmanaged, Self managed and Fully managed. Dedicated hosting providers provides different types of security software programs to protect data from getting affected by the hackers, spammers and malicious or harmful problems like Trojan, worms and viruses. Linux and Windows operating system uses different softwares to give security protection.