cPanel Web Hosting

Understanding cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel hosting is a web hosting plan which uses cPanel as its web hosting control panel which is only available on our Linux based hosting accounts or servers. In now-a-days cPanel is the most leading control panel used in conjunction with the Web Host Manager or WHM. It uses graphical interface that simply helps you in the management of the accounts, including all data, files, applications and email hosted on your account.

cPanel gives good front-end interface by which it gets simplified a lot of routine website management tools for the users. cPanel allows you to easily manage files and data that are on your website, your email and FTP accounts, your add-on domains and sub-domains, your MySQL database and much more things.

Suppose you are using Linux web hosting service and you have developed your website in PHP, then cPanel can allow you to access and run any instant script installer software. By using the script installer, you can install many types of popular scripting softwares such as, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, phpBB, Zen Cart, and so on. It takes a few seconds of time to install but can create lot of interesting and attractive things for your website.